Best Torque Wrench 2016

Best Torque Wrench 2016

A torque Wrench is an instrument, which is used for measuring torque on a nut or a bolt. The use of nuts and bolts as fastener is very common in our daily life for example nuts and bolts in a car or machinery. While using the fastener, it is recommended that every fastener should be tightened with appropriate torque. An inappropriate torque will lead towards the damaged or smashed up object. Use of the industries best torque wrenches provides the exact torque value according to the fastener and its condition. Accuracy is the core of use of the best torque wrench as in some cases it is very crucial to know the exact torque.

While using a torque wrench, it should be kept in mind that while tightening and loosing, the measure of torque is different. The best torque wrench in 2016 provides the most accurate value for both tightening and loosing of nuts and bolts. There are different types of torque wrenches available in the market. Each one of these types is useful in different areas and is used by different professionals. Some of the common types of the torque wrenches are electronic torque wrench, pneumatic torque wrench, socket torque wrench and hydraulic torque wrench.

Electronic Torque Wrench

An electronic torque wrench is a terrestrial torque multiplier. It is connected to an electric motor, through which it works. At one end of the electronic torque wrench, there is a device, which is known as a reactive device, and it absorbs the torque. Thus, making it easy for the person to use the electronic torque wrench. Electronic torque wrench is considered as the best torque wrench when the need is to lose an old, rusted or a stubborn bolt. This torque wrench is powerful enough to perform this task in lesser time by using lesser effort. The output of the torque in this wrench is controlled through voltage i.e. by increasing or decreasing the voltage. The operator of the torque can specify the setting that shuts down the tool at specified time. Extreme accuracy, easy to use, smooth running with small vibration and built in internal computing system are the additional benefits of the electronic torque wrench.

Pneumatic Torque wrench

A pneumatic torque wrench is like a gearbox, which is attached to a pneumatic air motor. In pneumatic torque wrench, the output of the torque is adjusted through the air pressure. The tool has the multiplication ratios of 4000:1 and can rightly be used for the removal of obstinate nut or for the fixation of nuts and bolts with extreme accuracy. The source of power for the Pneumatic torque wrench is the compressed air.

Hydraulic Torque Wrench

Hydraulic, as the name suggests, represents the use of fluid or any type of liquid to operate the machinery. Same goes for the hydraulic torque wrench. The tool is used for tightening and loosing of all types of nuts bolts and other fasteners by using different liquids and fluids. It works only on the hydraulics and uses liquids for working. The hydraulic torque wrench works on big nuts and bolts too where other wrenches are unable to work. A hydraulic torque wrench is lighter in weight, produces less sound and is more accurate than other types of wrenches.

Socket Wrench

Unlike other types of wrenches, the socket wrench comes with interchangeable heads, known as sockets. This is good when the size of the bolt or nut is different and one head cannot be used for tightening or loosing of all the bolts. It uses manpower and is also known as a handy tool or ratchet.

The torque wrench is a useful tool when it comes to the loosing or tightening of the nuts bolts or any other fastening. This helps in assembling or opening big machineries and their parts, including vehicles. All of the mentioned types of torque wrenches are useful in their own domain and should be chosen according to the need. There are many companies in the market and each one of them is claiming to be the best torque wrench manufacturer. But not all of them are trustworthy. The quality and accuracy of the wrench cannot be compromised, as dealing with fastening is a sensitive task. Always go for reliable and certified wrenches to avoid any loss.

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