Female boxing gloves

Female boxing glovesThe best boxing gloves are the one that can endure pressure during fighting or practice session. Measure of impact what your hands receive during the boxing session is the emblem of quality of boxing gloves. If the gloves are good, they won’t let so much impact on your hands. In case of men, the impact could be endured but for women gloves should be strong enough to resist all kind of impact to save the hands as much as they can. Gloves that can’t protect much could lead to fracture, strain and broken arms in many cases.

Having a good pair of gloves is women during fight or practice sessions. The comfortable gloves are best for speed and also make the boxer feel comfortable during the fight. Weight of the boxing gloves that are fit for boxing may range from 8oz to 20oz. It depends on fighter what kind of weight for the boxing gloves; they would like to have on their hand. Extra weigh can reduce the speed and disturbs the performance of boxer. Heavier gloves are suitable for training sessions. There are some other factors that are required for looking while selection of female boxing gloves.

The boxing gloves can be used in different games like boxing, martial arts or kickboxing. Selection of the best boxing gloves also depends on for which game you are going to use them. There is little difference in each type of game and their gloves. For example in the gloves for boxing, they cover your full hand and come in different weights and shapes. While the martial art boxing gloves are more flexible so that your opponent could be grabbed without any kind of difficulty. The martial arts boxing gloves are made up of lighter materials to help in playing without any difficulty.
In case of female boxing gloves, there is a difference between the ones that are used for boxing and the one that are used for training. The training gloves should be hard enough to help the boxer in learning the heavy punches during the fight. While in the case of fighting, female boxing gloves should be of low quality so that swing can be made faster and boxer could feel comfortable while playing. The most popular weight that could be used for fighting is 8 ounces but depends from boxer to boxer.

girl boxingNext factor is the size of boxing gloves. Most people feel that there is no difference between the size and weight of boxing gloves. But they are both the distinct features needed for selection of boxing gloves. Weight is the one that don’t feel heavy on your gloves while size is the factor that helps your gloves to fit completely on your hands. It is not a factor to look so deeply but of course if the size is not good, you will feel irritated while playing. So keep in mind the factor of size as well while buying the boxing gloves.

Along with size and weight, the female boxing gloves should also tighten with your hands. The strap should be good enough so that the gloves should not get loosen up. Now days gloves come with new form of wrap called the Velcro wrap. These wraps help to take on and off the gloves really easily without any kind of mess. It is good to find out the gloves that come up with Velcro wrap so that mess could be avoided.

It is also a matter of choice to select between leather and vinyl gloves. The leather gloves don’t last for a longer period of time and needs much attention for care. While on the other hand, the vinyl gloves could go for a longer period of time but they are not of so much good quality.

pink colorWhile discussing the female boxing gloves, one should also mention the meaning of pink boxing gloves. More than a fashion they have become an icon for the hope of sufferers from breast cancer. These boxing gloves surely help to remember and take steps for breast cancer and its eradication all over the world.

Keeping all these factors in mind, one can easily track out the useful and best female boxing gloves.

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